WHY Solar Panels?
Solar panels provide renewable energy at a time when energy costs are expected to rise considerably in the next few years. Solar Panels require little or no maintenance and are guaranteed by the manufacturers for 25 years. In a recent Price Waterhouse Cooper report it stated
"Current solar capacity in the UK is just over 32 MW -this makes the UK 11th out of 27 European countries and means the UK is at least a decade behind the largest European countries such as Germany."
Solar panels work - this is why Germany and the rest of Europe have forged ahead with the technology.

What are FiTs payments?
The government's Feed in Tariff (FiT) scheme is committed to paying up to 21p for every unit (kWh) of electricity you generate for the next 25 years - even if you use the power yourself. The average cost per kWh from your electricity provider is 13p. If you use your solar generated electricity you gain 21p + 13p per kWh. If you do not use your solar generated electricity it will be fed back into the grid and the Government guarantee you an extra 3p per kWh - so in this case you gain 21p + 3p.

How can the government afford the Feed in Tarriff scheme?
The Feed in Tariff scheme will be largely financed from the increased cost of electricity. In effect it means that we are all going to have to pay extra to fund the scheme. It makes sense to take advantage of the benefit that can be gained by installing solar panels if you have that option.

How much will a Solar PV system cost?
The cost of an installation is closely related to the number of Solar Panels that can be deployed on your roof space. A typical 10 panel installation (2.45 kWp) would cost approximately £8000 - for a fully installed and working system. SunGod Solar can give you a FREE quote which will advise you of what options are available to you.

How many Solar PV panels will I need?
The ideal size for a domestic installation is 4kWp - which is the maxiumum size to attract the largest feed in tariff rate (21.0p). The size of solar system will be determined by the size of your roof, any shading of the roof space (these areas need to be excluded), and of course you're budget. We will provide you a FREE quote which will provide a number of options for you to choose from.

How long will it take to install Solar PV Panels?
PV systems can be installed and ready to produce electricity in 2-8 weeks from the time the design & schematic have been agreed. The actual installation normally will only take 2 days.

What do I stand to gain from Solar PV Panels?
At today's electricity prices a typical 10 panel installation (2.45 kWp) would cost approximately 8,000 to install. For the 25 year period of the Government Feed in Tarrif this investment would provide a profit of approximately 20,000 on top of covering the cost of the 8,000 investment. It will also provide a hedge against the escalating costs of electricity.

Do I have to have a South facing house?
The roof space that is used to deploy the Solar Panels should ideally have a South facing aspect (South, South/West or South East). Other aspects do still work well but do not get the same amount of sunlight as a South facing roof. The angle of the roof is also a factor - 30 to 45 degrees will give optimum results. However, adjustments to the angle of the panels can be made at the time of fitting to produce the best results.

Will Solar PV Panels provide all my electricity?
It is unlikely that a typical Solar Panel installation will provide all of your electricity. SunGod Solar can provide equipment that will allow you to monitor the way you use your solar generated electricity. A Solar Panel installation will significantly reduce your electricity costs and will also help you to hedge against the expected rises in electricity prices.

Do I need planning permission to install Solar Panels?
Most properties do not require Planning Permission for the installation of Solar Panels. On the Government Planning Portal it states: "In many cases fixing solar panels to the roof of a single dwelling house is likely to be considered 'permitted development' under planning law with no need to apply for planning permission". Properties in a conservation area need to apply for planning permission to the Local Planning Authority - this is not normally charged for. SunGod Solar can provide assistance with planning applications. Properties that are listed are not normally granted planning permission for Solar Panels.

Will Solar PV panels work during the winter?
YES! There is obviously less sunlight on winter days. However, in the South East there is still enough sunlight in winter to allow your solar panels to produce significant amounts of electricity. Solar panel manufacturing technology has now advanced to such a level that panels can produce green electricity even on cloudy days.

Are all properties suitable for Solar Panels?
Most properties are suitable for the installation of Solar Panels. Properties in a conservation area need to apply for planning permission to the Local Planning Authority. SunGod Solar can provide assistance with planning applications.

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