SOLAR THERMAL (Hot Water from the sun)

Solar water heating panels use well established technology and are constantly being improved and they represent one of the most important sources of alternative energy for households and businesses.

Enough solar energy reaches the Earth's surface in a single day to provide over 27 years worth of electricity and yet we utilise only 1% of solar power at present.

A Solar Thermal System for generating sufficient hot water for 4 people will cost approximately 4200 (inclusive 5% VAT) this price includes all installation costs


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Solar Heating panels made from?

Solar water heating panels, also known as collectors, are made up of either evacuated glass tubes or flat plate collectors encasing metal tubing. These panels look very different to photovoltaic panels and can provide your household with the majority of its annual hot water requirements.

How do Hot Water solar panels work?

The Hot water solar panels work on temperature sensor readings, solar panels, flexi pipework and a solar station incorporating a solar pump, a pressure vessel and pressure gauge.

When the collector becomes 4°C hotter than the bottom of the water cylinder, the solar pump will then start. This pumps the Glycol through the flexi pipework into the water cylinder, heating it up. When the system cools down the solar pump will go in standby mode. The cycle is then repeated once the collector temperature becomes 4ºc hotter than the water in the cylinder. This process helps to preserve energy as the system is only active when the collector temperature will increase the water temperature.